The Exhibitionist (Submissive #7)

by Tara Sue Me

Chapter One


The smell of lust filled the room. In fact, the sexual tension was so high I would bet most of the women present longed to be in the place of the lovely redhead. Currently standing in front of Cole Johnson, the Partners in Play group’s newest senior Dominant, the petite woman trembled slightly. Although she was fully clothed, she displayed a vulnerability I was all too familiar with.

“Daniel told me she’s been having difficulties focusing,” my husband and Dominant, Nathaniel, said. We were at a play party being held at a private residence. He stood behind me, and though we were somewhat removed from the group, he still whispered. “He said he hopes the session with Cole will help.”

“With everyone watching?” I asked. “That seems unlikely.”

“I guess we’ll see.”

We couldn’t hear Cole’s voice; he spoke too softly. The submissive’s gaze drifted from him to the watching crowd. Bad move. Quick as a lightning strike, Cole grabbed her chin and forced her to meet his eyes.

“On me,” he said, the threat in his voice noticeable before it dropped back down to a whisper.

“Perhaps he believes if she can focus while in the middle of a crowd, she can focus during anything,” Nathaniel said.

There was probably some truth to that. The submissive certainly didn’t appear to be tempted to look our way again. Then again, Cole had placed his hands on her shoulders and started a slow stroke up and down her arms. All the while, he kept his eyes locked on hers. I doubted there were many women who would be able to think about anything else if he was looking at them like that.

After a few minutes, he stepped back and spoke to her again. “As far as you’re concerned, you and I are the only people in this room. Understand?”

She answered with a softly spoken, “Yes, Sir.”

“Louder,” he said. “Own your words.”

“Yes, Sir,” she repeated, this time with more confidence.

“You are to keep your eyes on mine the entire time we’re together unless I tell you to do otherwise.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What’s your safe word?” Cole asked.

“Red, Sir.”

“Thank you. Take your shirt off.”

Her gaze briefly flickered to the floor.

“That’s one, sub,” Cole said, and she sucked in a breath. “Tell me what you did.”

“I looked at the floor, Sir.”

“And what were you supposed to do?”

“Keep my eyes on yours.”

Cole nodded. “Take your shirt off the proper way.”

This time, she kept her focus on him while she unbuttoned and slid the shirt off her shoulders. It fluttered to the floor.

“Very nice,” Cole said. “Now remove your bra.”

I wasn’t a Dominant by any stretch, but I’d been an active submissive for long enough to know and recognize hesitation. Hell, I’d done it often enough myself, but I always learned something new when I was an observer. It was certainly interesting seeing things from a different perspective.

Cole took a step toward her. “On the checklist you filled out, how do you have public nudity listed?”

“As won’t object, Sir.”

“And how else am I to interpret your hesitation as anything other than objecting?”

“I don’t know, Sir.”

“That’s because there is no other way. That’s two. Now remove the bra.”

She quickly reached behind her back to unsnap her bra, but my own focus was suddenly shifted to my husband’s two hands, which were unbuttoning my shirt.

His voice was rough in my ear while his fingers stroked my breasts. “You like watching, don’t you?”

“Especially with you teasing me like that with your hands, Master.”

“You like teasing?” he asked.

I realized what I’d said and how he’d probably interpret my words. “Uh, well …”

He chuckled. “Too late. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy teasing you tonight, but for right now, watch Master Johnson.”

In front of us, Cole had bound his submissive for the night with her arms above her head. Two identical floggers sat on top of a bag off to the side of where they were standing. From the look of them, he’d be demonstrating Florentine flogging.

Cole went right into the scene with both floggers, warming up the submissive with light and easy strokes. Interesting. Whenever Nathaniel used two floggers, he’d start by warming me up with a single one first. But the technique appeared to be working. The submissive’s expression transformed into a look of complete bliss, and by the time Cole started putting more power behind his swing, she was in subspace.

I was transfixed by the sight of them. It appeared almost like a choreographed dance, the way his arms moved in time with her side-to-side sway.

“Very nice,” Cole said to her. “I’m going to bring you down. No climax for you tonight, since you didn’t follow directions at the beginning of the scene.”

She started to protest, but he cut her off. “Unless you want me to demo how to properly discipline with two floggers, you’ll keep that comment to yourself.”

She wisely didn’t say anything else and Cole’s movements grew slower and slower.

I jumped when Nathaniel slipped a hand down my skirt.

“Someone liked watching,” he said.

I pressed back against him and wiggled my butt across his erection. “Yes, Master.”

“I’m going to flog that wiggly ass. Let’s go to the garage.”

The garage was set aside for public play and filled with all sorts of fun toys. Plus, there were always people observing the play scenes. It would be our first time being in the garage, and I smiled at the thought of finally being a participant.

I walked in front of him, nodding and smiling at the people we passed on our way. The party had been going on for about an hour and a half, so the house was filled to capacity. About half of the partygoers were in the garage. A laughing couple pushed past us on their way into the popular play space. I feared the garage would be too crowded, but when we made our way inside, I was happy to see that wasn’t the case.

The room was large and clean and there were no cars. Different play stations had been set up with plenty of room between the areas for people to stand and observe without getting in the way of the people playing. Also, next to each station was a basket filled with cleaning spray and paper towels.