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  • Olympus Has Fallen

    Olympus Has Fallen

    (2013) play as President Benjamin Asher

    Disgraced Secret Service agent (and former presidential guard) Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 59 min

  • Thank You for Smoking

    Thank You for Smoking

    (2005) play as Nick Naylor

    Satirical comedy follows the machinations of Big Tobacco's chief spokesman, Nick Naylor, who spins on behalf of.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 32 min

  • Battle Los Angeles

    Battle Los Angeles

    (2011) play as Ssgt. Michael Nantz

    A squadron of U.S. Marines becomes the last line of defense against a global invasion.

    Time : 01 h 56 min

  • Sully


    (2016) play as Jeff Skiles

    The story of Chesley Sullenberger, an American pilot who became a hero after landing his damaged plane on the Hudson.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 36 min

  • Any Given Sunday

    Any Given Sunday

    (1999) play as Nick Crozier

    A behind-the-scenes look at the life-and-death struggles of modern-day gladiators and those who lead them.

    Time : 02 h 42 min

  • London Has Fallen

    London Has Fallen

    (2016) play as Benjamin Asher

    In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 39 min

  • Paycheck


    (2003) play as Rethrick

    What seemed like a breezy idea for an engineer to net him millions of dollars, leaves him on the run for his life and.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 59 min

  • The Rum Diary

    The Rum Diary

    (2011) play as Sanderson

    American journalist Paul Kemp takes on a freelance job in Puerto Rico for a local newspaper during the 1960s and.. Read more

    Time : 02 h 00 min

  • The Core

    The Core

    (2003) play as Josh

    The only way to save Earth from catastrophe is to drill down to the core and set it spinning again.

    Time : 02 h 15 min

  • I, Frankenstein

    I, Frankenstein

    (2014) play as Adam

    Frankenstein's creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans.

    Time : 01 h 32 min


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